HeySugar is a self hosted website. Think of it like a self hosted instance of WordPress...but with no servers (Jamstack). You don't need to be totally familiar with React, Gatsby or Sanity to get started with HeySugar. But being comfortable with installing NPM packages will be beneficial.

To make things easier, we have also put together some videos that you can follow when setting up the system. Please be aware that HeySugar is in it's very early stages and there may be bugs along the way. If you do find a bug then please raise an issue on our Github.

Pre Requisites

Before getting started, please make sure you have the following.

Why do I need to sign up to these services?

If you register with Github then you can also use your Github account to register an account with Sanity and Netlify (which might make things easier for you). To simplify deployments, we will eventually integrate HeySugar with Sanity's Create Tool. This service will create a Github repository, connect it to Netlify and deploy your instance of HeySugar with a single click. This feature requires a Github account. You won't have to follow this option, but it will speed up the process of getting started!

We have decided to use Netlify as our chosen hosting solution for your website. You don't have to use Netlify to host your HeySugar website. But using Netlify is certainly one of the quicker and easier ways to get started.

Sanity is a system designed for creating and managing structured content. We will be using Sanity to store your blood sugar test results. You will also use Sanity to create, modify and delete results.


The following video will show you how to deploy and get started with HeySugar.